2015 Asean Strategic Action Plan for SMEs

1. Introduction

At the 14th ASEAN Summit, the AEC Council was tasked to develop an ASEAN Action Plan to enhance SMEs’ competitiveness and resilience. An important policy focus in the Action Plan -- underlined by the HLTF-EI, the AEM and ASEAN Leaders --, is the need to foster private-sector engagement and partnership on SME issues. This is to serve as a driving force in the implementation of SME development policies and programmes, including those concerned with the accelerated integration of the 12 priority sectors, at the national, subregional and/or regional levels.

The Plan defines the mission, objectives, guiding principles, current status, and future policies and programs for ASEAN SME Development. The Plan aims to provide specific activities to be conducted in the short and medium term, wider dissemination of information on regional activities to ASEAN SMEs, and implementation of national and regional SME policies and programmes.

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