ASEAN Intelectual Property Rights

Intellectual property (IP) and IP Rights (IPRs) creation, commercialisation, and protection have been a significant source of comparative advantage of enterprises and economies and hence a major driver of their competitive strategies.

ASEAN Member States (AMS) have cooperated (a) to implement the ASEAN Intellectual Property Action Plan 2004- 2010 (Action Plan) and the Work Plan for ASEAN Cooperation on Copyrights (Work Plan); (b) to establish an ASEAN filing system for design to facilitate filings by users and promote coordination among the IP offices in AMS; (c) to accede to common international treaties, including the Madrid Protocol; (d) to sustain consultations and information exchanges among national enforcement agencies in IPR protection; and (e) to promote regional cooperation in newer IPRs such as Traditional Knowledge (TK), Genetic Resources (GR) and Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCE). These cooperative activities are featured in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint.

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