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27th AEC Workshop
Opportunities and Challenges of SMEs
16 February 2018

26th AEC Workshop
Development of Modern Transport
15 February 2018

25th AEC Workshop
AEC: Sharing Experiences & Moving Forward
22 August 2017

24th AEC Workshop
ASEAN Economic Community
05 Apirl 2017

23rd AEC Workshop
ASEAN Economic Community
04 Apirl 2017

22nd AEC Workshop
ASEAN Economic Community
30 August 2016

21st AEC Workshop
ASEAN Economic Community
29 August 2016

20th AEC Workshop
ASEAN Economic Community
22 June 2016

19th AEC Workshop
Impact Of AEC
14 March 2016

18th AEC Workshop
အာဆီယံ အသိုက္အ၀န္း ထူေထာင္ျခင္းဆိုင္ရာ လူထုအသိပညာေပးေရး
10 February 2016

17th AEC Workshop
Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia
30 January 2016

16th AEC Workshop
AEC and Media
05 November 2014

15th AEC Workshop
AEC Knowledge
03 September 2014

14th AEC Workshop
AEC Opportunities & ICT Challenges in Mandalay
29 August 2014

13th AEC Workshop
Knowledge for AEC
09 August 2014

12th AEC Workshop
Kayin State: Gateway for AEC
04 Apirl 2014

11th AEC Workshop
Competitiveness for AEC
09 November 2013

10th AEC Workshop
AEC and Myanma Motion Picture
17 September 2013

9th AEC Workshop
AEC Alert
08 September 2013

8th AEC Workshop
Step Towards AEC
07 September 2013

Daw Aye Aye Win,

Deputy Director General

Department of Small and Medium Enterprises,

Ministry of Industry

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